Family Photo in Bali : Patel family

Family time is quality time. Family holiday time is special quality time. Special because we do different things in different place as our daily time. We do not do our routine as a family. I was feel privilege to be  given the chance to capture Patel family special quality time in Bali. We went on one afternoon trip to visit cliff temple of Uluwatu. The backdrop of the cliff was great but what even greater is the happiness of the family with their two cute little kids. Despite from the monkey that scared the kids, we were having fun there. The backlight of the afternoon sun was perfect for the shoot. The light is getting better when we head to the nearby beach. The beach has along white sand beach and clear crystal water. It was not so many people there so it was perfect for the shoot.  The kids having their fun playing in the sand and climbing a tree lean above the sand. The day end with a terrific sunset . We got a great color of the sky.
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One morning in Ubud with Niklas and Anika

Ubud is in the middle is Bali Island. It offers lush and green atmosphere. From green valley and hill to beautifull line of rice terrace. One morning just after the sun start shining we have a little walk with Nikals and Anika on thier honeymoon. Shooting them in the casual atmophere, I feel their intimicy  . They trully in love.
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Casual Holiday Photo in Bali

Casual holiday photo in Bali this time is for Thomas and Joana. They are perfect young couple and full with energy. We covered so many different places include two different rice field, secluded waterfall, mountain , lake as well as temple. They fun and easy couple so we can move from one place to others fast.  
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Bali Sunset Wedding : Jeremy and Jessica

Bali Sunset Wedding took place in beach front hotel of Patra Jasa Bali. Jeremy and Jessica was fun and warm couple. This intimate wedding fee so relax. Their cute boys was big add to the days. Their friend and family made the afternoon so fun. The day were bless with colorful sunset.
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Honeymoon photo of Nisriin and Jeroen

Nisriin and Jeroen came to Bali on their honeymoon. I was given the honor to accompany them for one day exploring the island while capturing their romantic time. They were easy going and fun couple. They enjoyed to be in front of the camera from morning to sunset time. We had various green and lush background like rice field and grass hill. We also went to some temples for ornate carving background. We end the day with colorful sunset by the beach.
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Jowett Family

Having a fun and great time with Jowett Family. They were shy to pose at the first 10 minutes but after that they were become relax and become them self.  Fun and happy family. We spent the whole afternoon in rice field and the coast line.
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Pre Wedding of Boris and Candy

Boris and Candy have so many different in appearance. Boris a tall western man and Candy is beautiful Asian lady. Skin is different, hair is different, and height is very different. One that makes them a like is that they love each other. They also have similar sense of humor.It was a long but fun and easy day to capture them.
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Honeymoon Photo in Bali with Gil And Jackelyn

It was a great day when we shoot the great couple Gil and Jackelyn. They from Cebu Philippine and they both photogenic. We got some sunny day by the beach, rain in the forest and temple, harvesting time by the rice terrace, flood by the river and waterfall and big wave in volcanic rock beach at the end. Every place and weather give various mood to the photos.
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Pre Wedding Photo in Bali of Cheng & Cheng

They both has similar names. But not just names, they both fun people and easy to be with. We were having great time with them from sunrise to sunset, from south Bali to most eastern part of Bali.

We covered Sanur beach for sunrise, Candidasa for lotus pond, dense bamboo forest, grass field under the great Mount Agung and most eastern tip of Bali, Amed. In Amed the cliff by the water was great and unique. We were also lucky to find an outrigger boat with it colorful sail by the beach.

After a hot noon time in Amed, we then went to Klungkung river to play in refreshing water dam before enjoying the color of sunset in nearby beach.

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Maternity Photo – Catherina & Dave

This is one afternoon with the beautiful Catherina in her maternity. Dave, the father want to be, made the session went into fun time. Here are the photos of 'three' of them in Canggu area. Some shoots by the rice field and the rest by the sand. Colorful sky and great light. We couldn't  ask for more.
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